Food: Friend to Foe?

Eating. It is the action of taking in calories. It is simply a requirement for human survival. It is also one of the most dynamic and convoluted behaviors in humanity’s history.

This website examines the dynamic eating habits and attitudes towards eating in the United States. More specifically, Della Gibson highlights the government’s role in controlling the food supply and recommending eating habits, Chanda Sewell tracks the social changes that have affected eating, and Robert Cowley traces the scientific advances and discoveries related to the eating behavior.

These categories are certainly not all inclusive or independent, but should paint a fairly complete picture of the developments that have affected eating in the United States. They should also answer some intriguing questions related to eating such as: How can seemingly opposite pathologies, eating disorders and obesity, develop in the same food culture? Where has the obsession with calories, fats, and carbohydrates come from? Has our once beloved friend, food, become our deepest, darkest foe? Can we fix our eating problems, befriending food once again? Where do we go from here?

Though this website may not definitively answer these questions, it should shed light on the history of eating in the United States, examine some current issues, and also provoke some thought for the future.

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