Food Pyramid

The recommendation on what we eat  has changed drastically over the years. One of the first ways was introduced in the 1950’s as the four food groups; these four groups were the milk group, the meat group, the bread and cereals group, and the vegetable and fruit group. The food guide pyramid meet with delays because the meat and dairy industries thought that the placement of their respective foods indicated that the foods were bad for people. In 1992 after much debate nutritionists won and the food guide pyramid was adopted. (Food pyramid, 2011).

In 2005 the food guide pyramid underwent another change. This new pyramid was intended to help people based on their age, gender as well as their physical activity. This was an improvement over the old pyramid that did not have any of these recommendations. An additional reason for a new pyramid was because the old did emphasised a great deal on carbohydrates and little on fat. Fat is not all bad for you, in fact you need some fat in your diet, you just need to be careful about how much and what kind you eat. While these changes to the food guide pyramid were beneficial to health they were still not perfect. (Willett, W. C., & Stampfer, M. J. 2006).

The food pyramid has recently gone under a change from a pyramid into a plate. There is no longer a section on oils or fats. Instead the plate has four sections; grains, fruits and vegetables, and proteins, with a little cup on the side for diary. These changes allow a person to incorporate items, like tofu, that were not on the old food pyramid. One thing that has stayed the same is the suggestion that we lower saturated fats. One reason for the change to a plate is to make it easier to deceiver what we are supposed to eat. It is the hope that the new shape will be less confusing allowing people to look at their dinner plate and see what they should have on it. This will hopefully lead to better portion control and help beat the obesity epidemic that is currently prevalent in the United States. (JALONICK, M. C. 2011, June 13).

Today’s recommendation’s from the Dietary Guidelines for American’s suggests that people eat less. It suggests that American’s eat too much, too much fats, oils, and foods that are just not good for us. In addition to consuming fewer calories it is suggested that American’s eat more whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Doing this will ensure a healthy diet and a healthy weight. With a healthy weight you will feel better and help fight the obesity epidemic. (Harvard Heart Letter)




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