Idustrial society


Technology had advanced rapidly in this society with factories, advanced modes of transportation (railroads, and automobiles), communication, and electricity. Industry is the primary subsistence, which focuses on the mechanized manufacturing of products. The muscle power of animals and humans were no longer the basis of production, tools and machinery became more efficient and intricate. During this period, a major shift occurred that moved production within families to production within factories. Occupational specialization became more pronounced, resulting in more developed hierarchies and more division of labor. During time, industrialization leads to prosperity and the decrease of economic, political, and social inequality. The advancement of technology, produced more food from farms, transported from other countries, and fishing boats could gather mass production of food. Food was readily available, with the use of steroids to make animals plumper and produce more milk. Food was easily attainable for those who had money; they could buy better quality of food than those who lacked the finances. Surplus of food was high and this society had better equipment for storing their food; such as refrigerators and preservatives that kept food fresh. People waste food in this society because its readily available compared to undeveloped societies where food is power struggle for those who have wealth.
Cows breeding

Map of Industry employment Today, industry makes up a small percentage of the work force in more developed countries (look at pie chart above), due to advanced mechanization. The use of machines and robots has decreased the use of people in many factories, by increasing its efficiency. This transition has changed this society into a post-industrial society, focusing more on service-orientated economy.

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