Post-Industrial society

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Technology is readily available for everyone, it’s much quicker in regards to gathering information. This type of society is debatable because we are in this current state; sociologist state that its hard to name a phenomenon that is still occurring. The primary means of subsistence is derived from service-orientated work, such as healthcare, education, finances, and sales; this is shown on the map below.

Employment map 2007


Here are some stages of a post-industrial society:

  • Increase of the amount of information technology (computers), often leading to an Information Age.
  • Increase of service sector jobs instead of industrial jobs.
  • Extensive use of machinery in manufacturing.
  • Information, creativity, and knowledge are seen as the new raw materials of the economy (Lenski, G., Nolan, P., and Lenski, J., 1995). 

Work cited:

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