Social Changes

This information was compiled by Chanda Sewell. The goal of this section is to cover some of the social changes involved with eating.

Topics included:

Society and technology – It’s related to the interactions of people and technology. We will see how society has evolved socially, with the use of technology. The greater the amount of technological information a society has, the more capable it is to manipulate the physical environment. I will show how the development of technology has altered the way we get our food.

  • Gerhard Lenski approached on human society.
  • Changes and development of technology.

 Social setting – The venue where food is eaten. Majority of food is eaten in the home, but an increasing proportion is eaten outside of the home, e.g. in schools and restaurants.     

  • Family meals. Tradition or thing of the past?
  • Fast food meals vs. home cooked meals.

Media – press, radio, television, films, and web. Tool which can be used to communicate and interact with people. It is used in advertising, entertainment, and marketing. Media can have positive influences or negative influences.

  • Marketing device used to manipulate.  
  • Does the media promote positive eating habits or negative eating habits?

Eating disorders – Is it psychological or sociological? This question relates to eating, are we obsessed with food and eating and how we view our bodies? Food is necessity for our bodies to sustain life. There are numerous television programs with food, competitions of who can eat the most food, and people are paying to watch people over-indulge in eating. Has society become obsessed with food?

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